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Lesson Plan

Home Computer Check by Consumer Jungle

Grade Levels

Commencement, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

Lesson Objectives

Students will apply their knowledge of staying safe online by checking their home computer for software and back-up devices.


25 minutes: Explain the homework assignment
1-2 days: Allow several evenings for students to complete the homework assignment
25 minutes: Discussion of findings


Working individually, students will go home and share the information they learned with their family. Students can work with a family member to complete their Home Computer Check. This joint activity will give the student an opportunity to apply their knowledge and take active steps at home to protect their family's computer.

This lesson is one part of a larger unit, Computers.  When students finish this unit, they will understand the varying forms of malware including viruses, Trojans, and spyware. They will understand how to buy and sell items at an online auction, use wi-fi, and protect themselves against online risks. They will then assess their personal computer risks, phishing e-mails, and how to communicate and shop online safely and efficiently.

Consumer Jungle units are designed to be flexible, and can be used as one integrated unit or individual segments.  If you are planning to use the unit in its entirety, please see the Related Content field for the additional lessons. The End of Unit Assessment field contains links to the vocabulary and concept quizzes for the unit.


Step-by-Step Procedure

Students will need access to a computer with Internet access at home. If they do not have access to a computer at home, you could set up a computer in the classroom for the students to check.

  1. Pass out the Home Computer Check student handout and explain to students that this is a hands-on homework assignment. You might want to give them copies of the Minimizing Online Risks PowerPoint presentation or Vocabulary sheet so they can explain the information to their family and see visual examples of items on their Home Computer Check worksheet.
  2. Have students complete the Home Computer Check as homework.
  3. After the students have completed their homework, facilitate a class discussion about what students learned about their risks at home. Possible discussion questions include:
    • Did your home computer have any protective software on it?

      • Antispyware
      • Antivirus
      • Antispam

    • Does your computer have a firewall?
    • Does your computer have a backup system?
    • Do your online accounts have strong passwords?
    • What steps are you and your family going to take to implement these security measures?

Related Content

End of Unit Assessment

Students can take the vocabulary and concept quizzes via pen and pape.


Content Provider

Consumer Jungle is dedicated to providing young adults with the life skills they need to become responsible, informed consumers. Consumer Jungle provides engaging and relevant consumer education curricula covering a variety of topics such as credit cards, transportation, living on your own, personal finances, telecommunications, health, and e-commerce fraud. Developed with input from teachers, students, and parents, Consumer Jungle delivers interactive games, activities, and relevant information directly to the home or classroom.


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