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Lesson Plan

Wellness Inventory by ECSDM

Course, Subject

Physical Education, Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences

Grade Levels

Intermediate, 8th Grade

Learning Objectives

  • Students will assess their health/wellness status.
  • Students will identify areas of weakness that they can create goals to improve.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Procedure for Day One:

  1. Print out and copy the wellness inventory for each student. Place slide #4 on screen and have students follow the instructions on the board.
  2. Have each student complete the hard copy of the inventory. They have many questions on what particular questions mean, therefore it is crucial to complete this prior to using the laptop computers.
  3. Have students review the Laptop cart procedures/rules on slide #5 and sign a sheet stating they read and understand the rules. I usually have 4 or 5 copies on the side board so more than one person can read it at one time.

Procedure for Day Two:

  1. Review Laptop cart procedure/rules on slide #5.
  2. Progressively work through slides #6-#10. Step-by-step instructions are provided on those slides.
  3. A hard copy of the wellness inventory results sheet on slide #11 should be available for each student to complete.


Students will assess their health/wellness status and they will identify areas of weakness that they can create goals to improve.


Two 45-minute Class Periods

Materials/Web Resources

  • http://www.testwell.org
  • SMART Board and accessories
  • Student school network files that can be continually accessed by the student in throughout their school years
  • Laptop cart or school computer lab that accommodates all students
  • Copies of the Laptop Rules/Procedures
  • Copies of the Wellness inventory from website http://www.testwell.org for each student
  • Copies of Wellness inventory results sheet, (slide #9), for each student
  • Wellness Inventory.pdf
  • Wellness Inventory.notebook
  • Assessment

    Teacher will evaluate the wellness inventory result worksheet shown on slide #9

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