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Lesson Plan

Nutrition 2: Good Food, Good Health

Course, Subject

Biology/Living Environment, Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences, Science (NYS P-12)

Grade Levels

Elementary, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade


In this lesson, students use internet resources to learn more about how eating good and bad food can affect their health. Students study the food pyramid and learn how important it is to eat from all food groups. Discussion questions are provided, along with extension activities.

Lesson Plan

Purpose: To explore ways in which food provides energy and materials for our bodies.

Access this lesson plan at: http://www.sciencenetlinks.com/lessons.cfm?BenchmarkID=6&DocID=56

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Science NetLinks

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Patricia Parkinson, Educator
Technology in Education Mentor Project (TEMP)
Niagara Falls City School

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