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Learning Experience/Unit

Branches of Government by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES


Social Studies (NYS K-12 Framework Common Core)

Grade Levels

4th Grade, 5th Grade


A rubric and a web worksheet will be used to assess student success.

Learning Context/ Introduction

This is a four-day learning experience that actively involves students in learning the branches of government. Students will be engaged by utilizing PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and a web worksheet.


Four 45-minute periods

Essential Question

Why is the United States broken into 3 branches of government? What are these branches and what are they responsible for?

Instructional/Environment Modifications

  • Computer (PowerPoint)
  • Multimedia Projector
  • CPS unit


Day 1: Anticipatory Set- Put the word "Government" on the board. Ask students to take 1 minute to develop ideas in their minds about the word's meaning. Ask them to give you their thoughts. Write their ideas down on a piece of chart paper so that you may refer back to it in the future if needed. (15-20 minutes)

  • Read a grade level book on the basics on our government. Suggested reading: A More Perfect Union by Betsy Maestro
  • Discuss the book read

Day 2: Students will watch a PowerPoint presentation on the Branches of Government and the System of Checks and Balances (see Branches of Government PowerPoint).

  • The conclusion of the PowerPoint contains a quiz. Students can write down their answers on a blank piece of paper. The answers will pop up on the screen when the quiz is done (prompted by a click of the mouse). Students can check to see if their answers are correct. Do not grade this.
  • Answer student questions

Day 3: Students will go to the computer lab to complete a Branches of Government-Interactive worksheet (see Branches of Government Web Worksheet). The images on the worksheet are links to the webpages containing the information needed.

  • Grade the worksheet using the Branches of Government Rubric (see link).

Day 4: Students will take a quiz on the Branches of Government. Students will use the answer sheet provided (see link for Branches of Government Quiz Answer Sheet). The quiz is given in PowerPoint format where the question comes up on the screen and the students circle the correct answers on their answer sheets.

Reflections and Feedback

This learning experience can also be used in conjunction with a CPS unit. I used a CPS unit with different aspects such as the quiz and PowerPoint. Students loved having things presented to them in a more animated format. They asked to have more lessons presented to them in this fashion.

Student Work

Branches of Government worksheet Quiz (PowerPoint Activity Sheet)

  • Sample A
  • Sample B
  • Sample C
  • Related Resource

    A More Perfect Union by Betsy Maestro

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