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Learning Experience/Unit

Health Awareness by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

Course, Subject

Health, Physical Education, Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences

Grade Levels

Elementary, 3rd Grade


The poster is assessed in this learning experience. The Kidspiration web is not formally assessed. See attached rubric.

Learning Context/ Introduction

Students will create a graphic organizer using Kidspiration, participate in group discussion, and illustrate the four elements of a Healthy Lifestyle by creating a poster.


Anticipated time - 6 days, 45 minutes each day.
Exception - Day 2, when Kidspiration is introduced. An hour of lab time will be needed for Day 2.

Essential Question

How do healthy choices concerning food and exercise affect your health?

Instructional/Environment Modifications

Children will be in cooperative learning groups of 4-5 children with at least 1 proficient reader/writer. Some students will be familiar with Kidspiration, which will foster greater independence.

The cooperative learning will help students who may have learning disabilities/weakness in reading/writing.

Extra time and attention were given to special need students for Kidspiration.


Day 1

  1. KWL charts will be used to show previous knowledge and what they would like to learn.
  2. The teacher introduces the discussion of healthy and non-healthy foods by showing the food pyramid and the four elements of a healthy lifestyle: an adequate breakfast, a good night sleep, exercise, and eating food from the food pyramid.

Day 2

  1. Group discussion on, "Why Exercise is Important."
  2. Extended time is needed to introduce Kidspiration to the students
  3. Students will use technology (Kidspiration) to visually organize their information.

Day 3

  1. Go to the computer lab and finish the graphic organizer to use in another lesson for writing.

Day 4

  1. Students will create a poster illustrating the four elements of a healthy lifestyle.

Reflections and Feedback

The unit went very smoothly. The students enjoyed working with Kidspiration, creating a picture, and writing a correlating paragraph as the extending and refining activity.

Student Work

Below are samples of student posters that reflect different levels of performance and the basis of the teacher's assessment.
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Related Resource

Technology: Kidspiration
Printed materials: KWL chart, Steps to Writing Process, Rubrics for paragraph and illustration
Art Supplies: drawing paper, ruler, crayons/markers



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