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Where Do I Learn?

Course, Subject

Home & Careers, Career Development and Occupational Studies

Grade Levels

Elementary, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade


  • Students identify related tasks at home and school.
  • Students self-evaluate how well they do the tasks.


Antoinette M. Howard, Forest Park Elementary School, South Colonie Central School District.


minimum of 20 minutes

Essential Question

Why do I need to work?


Objective: Students will describe activities in which learning occurs inside and outside school.

  • Teacher introduces the activity, explaining that the students are going to be investigating jobs (or responsibilities) that they have at home and at school to determine if the jobs are similar or different.
  • Teacher explains that the students will be using Venn diagrams to graphically represent where jobs occur. (If students have not had experience with Venn diagrams, the teacher should introduce the diagrams at this time.)
  • Students, as a group, identify a job that occurs only at school, one that occurs only at home, and one that occurs in both. The name of each job is placed in the appropriate place on a large Venn diagram. After the class completes this example, students work independently.
  • Each student is given a blank Venn diagram to enter all the jobs (or responsibilities) they have at home and at school. (This is a good activity for students to take home and work on with their parents.)
  • Students bring the diagrams back to the classroom to share. Have students work in groups of three or four to share their Venn diagrams and to make a group list of jobs they do both at home and at school.
  • Class discusses the number and types of jobs they have at both home and school. Class discusses why that is important.

Materials / Resources

  • Chart paper
  • Venn diagram form

Comments / Modifications

  • Students with special needs can buddy up with a partner, tape-record responses, or work with a parent or older sibling at home.
  • This activity should also emphasize that learning is a continuous, interrelated process.


Howard, Antoinette. “Where Do I Learn?” In Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Resource Guide with Core Curriculum. New York State Department of Education, 30.

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