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Writing Whimsical Dialogues


English Language Arts (2005)

Grade Levels

Commencement, 9th Grade, 10th Grade


  • Dialogues are evaluated on basis of rubric.
  • Teacher evaluates classroom participation and interaction with the teammate.


2–3 days



  • Students will write dialogues in the subject areas.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge in various subject areas in relation to a specific topic.
  • Teacher will review with the students the various aspects of writing good dialogue.
  • Students and teacher will create a rubric for a content-based dialogue, addressing both writing and subject-specific criteria.
  • Students will choose one of the suggested dialogue situations:
    • Write a conversation between a germ and a white blood cell.
    • Write a dialogue in which you explain the differences between a frequency histogram and a cumulative frequency histogram.
    • Write a dialogue between two people in a famous painting.
    • Thomas Jefferson has returned from the grave. Write a conversation he might have with one of his descendants.
    • Oedipus and Hamlet discuss how their relationships with their mothers have shaped their lives.
    • You are in a friendly debate with a friend on a current issue (e.g., gun control, death penalty, animal rights). Write a pro versus con conversation for that debate.
  • Students will brainstorm ideas to develop the dialogue.
  • Students will research the selected topic to obtain additional information to include in the dialogue.
  • Students write dialogues, using appropriate punctuation and writing format.
  • Materials/Resources

    Suggested dialogue situations


    • Students may work in teams or individually.
    • English language arts teacher can work with subject area teacher to include this activity as part of the subject area unit of study.
    • Subject area teachers could develop additional topics.


    CDOS Writing Team, Authors of Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Resource Guide with Core Curriculum.

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