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Lesson Plan

Identifying Personification in Poetry by ECSDM


English Language Arts (2005)

Grade Levels

Intermediate, 7th Grade


This lesson is designed to take two 45-minute class periods.


In this lesson, students will experience the work of a variety of experienced writers who use personification in their writing. Students will practice reading and then practice using personification to use in their own writing. Students will arrange nouns and verbs to form sentences that contain personification so they can manipulate the language and enrich their own writing.


  • The students will be able to define personification and learn how it is applied by reading poetry.
  • The students will be able comprehend and practice analysis of personification.


  • copies of poems
  • SMART Board
  • computer
  • Personification SMART Board
  • Personification practice worksheet
  • Step-by-Step Procedure

    1. The teacher will explain to the students that they will be reading poems that contain examples of personification.
    2. The teacher will ask the students what word they see in the word personification. The teacher will ask how the word “person” gives students a clue as to the meaning of personification.
    3. The teacher will show the first PowerPoint slide to show the definition of personification and an example.
    4. Students will copy the word and definition into their notebook.
    5. The teacher will show the next slide, which has a riddle on it. The teacher will read the example and the students will have to guess the riddle.
    6. The teacher will ask, “what is being personified?” "What are the human qualities that are given to this object?"
    7. The teacher will show the next slide, which includes guided and independent practice.

    Guided Practice:
    • Students will use the examples on the PowerPoint to develop personified objects.
    • Students will evaluate their word choices.


    • Informal evaluation through student response
    • Students will be evaluated on how well they complete the examples.
    • Lesson will continue through the rest of the week with a formal evaluation (quiz).
  • Personification quiz.doc

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