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Lesson Plan

Unsolved Mysteries Project by ECSDM

Grade Levels

Intermediate, 6th Grade


Students research an unsolved mystery by using the Internet as a resource. After learning the facts and theories surrounding the mystery, they create a poster that presents both information and their opinion.


  • To take notes on a topic using Internet websites
  • To distinguish between fact and opinion
  • To use reasoned judgment to determine the validity of information
  • To write a conclusion that reflects reasoned judgment
  • To create a visually appealing poster


  • Review fact and opinion.
  • Record definitions on the SMART Board by erasing the white are under each term.
  • Discuss the meaning of reasoned judgment.
  • Show students a list of unsolved mysteries.
  • Using the Internet site, go over the brief summary of each topic.
  • Students select a topic, and organize their note taking paper into main idea categories appropriate to their topic such as description, facts, events, sightings, and theories.
  • Students take notes.
  • Go over the process involved in forming a reasoned judgment.
  • Model a sample conclusion using the topic of crop circles.
  • Show students a model poster.
  • Students create their poster to show the facts, theories, and their conclusion about the mystery.

Material/Web Resources


Additional Resources

This lesson was designed to be used with a SMART Board. The PDF file has been included as well.

  • Mysteries Project for Smart Notebook
  • Mysteries Project.pdf
  • Assessment

    The grading rubric is included with the project.

  • Unsolved Mysteries Poster's grading rubric.doc
  • Duration

    The introduction and research component on the project should take five 45-minute periods. The poster, itself , was completed by students at home.

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