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Lesson Plan

Taxes and Social Security by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES


Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences

Grade Levels

Commencement, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade


Approximately three 44-minute class periods.


  1. This learning unit uses the SMART Board to demonstrate the proper procedure for completing a 1040EZ federal tax form.
  2. I scanned the form and saved it on our school network.
  3. Using the SMART Board, I called up the form and demonstrated for students how to successfully complete each line.
  4. The next day, I provided another sample and as a class we completed the form, with students volunteering to come up and use the SMART Board markers to fill in lines.
  5. Assessment was ongoing with a cumulative assessment that occurred at the end of the unit.

Related Resource

  • For the student: Access to the high school network account and/or appropriate handouts, 1040EZ tax booklets
  • Teacher resources: SMART Board, 1040EZ form scanned and saved on the school network
  • Assessment

    Students are given a written exam. The exams consists of 8 vocabulary questions, 27 multiple choice, 8 fill-in-the-blanks, 5 true or false, and 4 constructed response questions. One of the constructed response questions asks students to complete Form 1040EZ using a W-2.

    Student Work

    Samples of student work.

  • student work
  • Instructional/Environment Modifications

    Students with disabilities receive support from resource room teachers or classroom aides. Students will be given extended time as deemed necessary. The teacher has access to all IEP via www.IEPDirect.com and/or hard copies of IEP as given by the CSE administrator. All modifications apply.

    Reflections and Feedback

    This lesson was developed as an alternative to using an overhead projector as I have done in the past. I enjoyed this method very much. I learned about saving annotations on the SMART Board so I could retrieve partially completed work from the day before. It was also interesting to use a scanned document with the SMART Board. Students liked the interaction and working with the technology.


    This lesson was designed to introduce students to the federal 1040EZ tax form. Students practiced completing the form using an interactive SMART Board and then completed one on their own.

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