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Spanish 4 - Realidades 10 wks

(1) LOTE.AS.1.1.C.B Students organize presentations on everyday topics.
(1) LOTE.AS.1.1.C.C Students express complex ideas with confidence.
(1) LOTE.AS.1.2.C.A Students converse with confidence.
(1) LOTE.AS.1.2.C.B Students engage in extended discourse with native ASL signers on a broad range of topics including those of general interest to the Deaf culture.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.C.A Students can understand standard speech delivered in most authentic settings.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.C.B Students can understand the main ideas and significant relevant details of extended discussions or presentations, and of recorded songs, feature programs on radio and television, movies, and other media designed for use by native speakers.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.C.C Students can draw on a wide range of language forms, vocabulary, idioms, and structures learned in class as well as those acquired through independent exposure to the language.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.C.D Students can comprehend subtler, nuanced details of meaning with some repetition and rephrasing.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.C.E Students can engage in extended discussions with native or fluent speakers on a broad range of topics that extend beyond their daily lives and are of general interest to the target cultures.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.2.C.A Students can comprehend the content of most texts of interest to native speakers.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.2.C.B Students can draw on a broad range of learned vocabulary, idioms, and structures, including the full range of time frames, as well as language acquired through independent reading.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.2.C.C Students can write multi-paragraphed essays, journals, personal and business letters, and creative texts in which their thoughts are unified and presented in an organized fashion; errors in form may occur, particularly when the students are writing about complex themes or issues requiring the expression of opinions, or when the topic is outside their realm of experiences.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.2.C.D Students can use culturally appropriate learned vocabulary and structures associated with a broad range of topics, and structures such as simple and complex sentences to communicate through the full range of time frames.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.C.A Students can demonstrate sophisticated knowledge of cultural nuances in a target language culture.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.C.B Students can model how spoken language, body language, and social interaction influence communication.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.C.C Students can use appropriate registers.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.C.D Students can write in the target language in a manner that articulates similarities and differences in cultural behaviors.
(1) LOTE.NA.1.1.C.A Students understand speech delivered with some repetitions and rewording by competent Native speakers.
(1) LOTE.NA.1.1.C.B Students understand the essential points of discussion or presentation on familiar topics in lengthy messages and presentations.
(1) LOTE.NA.1.1.C.C Students handle most communicative situations with confidence but may need help with complicated, unfamiliar topics.
(1) LOTE.NA.1.2.C.A Students understand most factual information in nontechnical prose as well as some informative and descriptive texts on topics related to areas of special interest.
(1) LOTE.NA.1.2.C.B Students compose unified and organized texts on everyday topics.
(1) LOTE.NA.2.1.C.B Students distinguish between various subgroups.

Para Empezar 1

Que haces durante tu dia escolar

Para Empezar 2

Que haces durante tu fin de semana

Capitulo 1

Que lugares visitaste en el pasado

Captitulo 2

Come te expresas

Para Empezar 1

Talk about school and non-school daily activities

Describe your day before and afer school

Para Empezar 2

Talk about weekend activities

Describe special events and celebrations

Para Empezar 1 and 2

p 1-15

Para Empezar 1 and 2

Leveled Workbk (LW) p 1-10

Communicaton Workbk (CW) p 1-5

Examview test generator / provided by Realidades / adapted by teacher tontitofrio


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