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Spanish II - Realidad -30 week

(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.B.A Students can comprehend messages and short conversations when listening to peers, familiar adults, and providers of public services either in face-to-face interactions or on the telephone.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.B.B Students can understand the main idea and some discrete information in television, radio, or live presentations.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.B.C Students can initiate and sustain conversations, face-to-face or on the phone, with native-speaking or more fluent individuals.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.B.D Students can select vocabulary appropriate to a range of topics, employ simple and complex sentences in present, past, and future time frames, and express details and nuances by using appropriate modifiers.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.B.A Students can exhibit more comprehensive knowledge of cultural traits and patterns.

Realidades - Book 1

Tema 4B

Que haces despues de la escuela?

Quieres ir a ______________?


Tema 5A

Como es tu familia?

Cuantos anos tienes/tiene?



Tema 5B

Como celebras  con tu familia?

Puedes traaerme el/la _____________?




Tema 6A

Como es el dormitorio?

Realidades - Book 1

Tema 4B

Talk about activities outside of school

Extend, accept, decline an invitation

Tell when an event happened

Understand cultural perspective on after school activities



Tema 5A

Describe families

Talk about celebration and parties

Ask and tell ages

Express possession

Understand cultural perspective on family and celebrations


Tema 5B

Talk about family celebrations

Describe family members and friends

Ordera meal in a restuarant

Understand cultural perspective on family celebrations


Tema 6A

Talk about bedroom and items

Understand cultural perspective on home

Realidades - Book 1

Tema 4B

p. 197-219



Tema 5A

p. 220-244


Tema 5B

p. 246-269


Tema 6A

p. 270-294

Realidades - Book 1

Tema 4B

TRB 284-297

LW 133-148

CW 79-87

Tema 5A

TRB 2-15

LW 149-164

CW 89-98

Tema 5B

TRB 38-49

LW 165-180

CW 99-108

Tema 6A

TRB 74-89

LW 181-196

CW 109-116

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