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Spanish 3 - Realidades 40 wk

(1) LOTE.LA.2.1.B.A Students demonstrate increased knowledge of Greco-Roman myths and legends, daily life and history, art, and architecture, and of their influence on later civilizations.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.B.A Students can exhibit more comprehensive knowledge of cultural traits and patterns.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.B.B Students can draw comparisons between societies.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.B.C Students can recognize that there are important linguistic and cultural variations among groups that speak the same target language.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.B.D Students can understand how words, body language, rituals, and social interactions influence communication.

Tema 7b

Te gusa comer al aire libre

Tema 8a

Que necesita hacer para viajar

Tema 8b

Viajas en un ciudad extrano

Que cosas veria una turista

Tema 9a

Que profesion tendras

Tema 9b

Que haremos para mejorar el mundo

Tema 7b

Discuss food and outdoor cooking

Tell people what to do / not to do

Indicate duration, exchange, reason and other expressions

Understanding cultural perspectives on Spanish foods and outdoor food vendors

Tema 8a

Talk about visiting an airport

Plan for a trip to a foreign country

Make suggestions about safe travel

Read about travel destinations in Spanish speaking countries

Understanding cultural perspectives on traveling

Team 8b

Discuss traveling in a foreign city

Talk about staying in a hotel

Express how to be a good tourist

Make recommendations for sightseeing

Understanding cultural perspectives on traveling in Spanish speaking countries

Tema 9a

Discuss professions and make plans for the future

Talk about future events

Understanding cultural perspectives on folk art

Tema 9b

Make predictions about the future

Express doubts about ecological issues

Discuss enrvironmental problems and possible solutions

Understanding cultural perspectives on ecological problems and solutions

Tema 7b

p 372-397

Tema 8a

p 400-423

Tema 8b

p 424-447

Tema 9a

p 450-473

Tema 9b

p 474-497

Tema 7b

LW p 255-269

CW p 136-145

Tema 8a

LW p 271-289

CW p 146-155

Tema 8b

LW p 424-447

CW p 156-165

Tema 9a

LW p 307-325

CW p 166-175

Tema 9b

LW p 327-342

CW p 176-287

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