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Science Seminar - 10 Weeks

(1) MST1.C.LE.LE.1.1 Students elaborate on basic scientific and personal explanations of natural phenomena, and develop extended visual models and mathematical formulations to represent their thinking.
(1) MST1.C.LE.LE.1.2 Students hone ideas through reasoning, library research, and discussion with others, including experts.
(1) MST1.C.LE.LE.1.3 Students work toward reconciling competing explanations; clarifying points of agreement and disagreement.
(1) MST1.C.LE.LE.2.2 Students refine their research ideas through library investigations, including electronic information retrieval and reviews of the literature, and through peer feedback obtained from review and discussion.
(1) MST2.C.C.IS.2.2 Students discuss the ethical and social issues raised by the use and abuse of information systems.
(1) MST2.C.ES.IS.1.1 Students access, select, collate, and analyze information obtained from a wide range of sources such as research data bases, foundations, organizations, national libraries, and electronic communication networks, including the Internet.
(1) MST2.C.P.IS.1.2 Students prepare multimedia presentations demonstrating a clear sense of audience and purpose. (Note: Multimedia may include posters, slides, images, presentation software, etc.)
(1) MST4.C.LE.LE.1.2 Students describe and explain the structures and functions of the human body at different organizational levels (e.g., systems, tissues, cells, organelles).
(1) MST4.C.LE.LE.4.1 Students explain how organisms, including humans, reproduce their own kind.
(1) MST7.C.C.CO.1.3 Students design solutions to real-world problems on a community, national, or global scale using a technological design process that integrates scientific investigation and rigorous mathematical analysis of the problem and of the solution.
(1) MST7.E.SR2 Solving interdisciplinary problems involves a variety of skills and strategies, including effective work habits; gathering and processing information; generating and analyzing ideas; realizing ideas; making connections among the common themes of mathematics, science, and technology; and presenting results.

National Abortion Federation

National Right to Life

NARAL Pro-Choice America

Abortion WebQuestAbortion Concept Map (INSP)


Unit 1 - Health Promotion

Unit 7 - Parenting

1. Explain to your friend how human pregnancy occurs. Utilize proper biological terminology to explain to her what happened AND what is going on within her body. Where the fertilized egg is, how fast it’s growing, etc.

2. Explain to your friend WHAT an abortion is AND HOW one is performed.

3. Discuss 2 pros and 2 cons of an abortion

4. Tell your friend exactly how you feel about abortion in this case. Be sure to use your research to support your opinions!

The Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

Hunt for Sexuality Education

A Hotlist on Birth Control


Unit 1 - Health Promotion

Unit 2 - Mental & Emotional Health

Unit 7 - Parenting

1. Explain the various sexual organs of a human male and female. Utilize proper biological terminology to explain how pregnancy occurs.

2. Explain how you feel about premarital sex and support your beliefs with your research.
3. STDs Center for Disease Control and Prevention: STDs

Urology Channel: STDs

American Social Health Association

A Hotlist on STDs


Unit 1 – Health Promotion

Unit 6 - Disease
1. Name 3 STDs and explain how they affect the human body. Be sure to identify specific causes of the disease, more of transmission and be sure to identify ways to prevent oneself from contracting each.
4. BIRTH CONTROL Planned Parenthood

Medline Plus: Birth Control Birth Control and Contraception for Teenagers

Contraceptive Problems Birth Control

The Biology Project: Birth Control Problem Set


Unit 1 – Health Promotion

1. Explain three forms of birth control and how they’re used.

2. Discuss 2 pros and 2 cons of each device.

3. Explain which form of birth control you believe is the best to refer them for use (prove with specific research).
5. AIDS AEGIS: AIDS Education Global Information System AIDS, Sex, and Teens

The Body

National Prevention Information Network

AIDS Research Information CenterAIDS Research (INSP)


Unit 1 - Health Promotion

Unit 6 - Disease

1. Explain how AIDS is contracted and harms the human body.

2. Explain current treatments and prognosis for individuals with AIDS

3. Explain which populations are most at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS.

Take a Bite of Nutrition

A Hotlist on Methods for Losing Weight


Unit 1 - Health Promotion

Unit 5 - Physical Fitness & Nutrition

1. What advice could you give to a friend who is interested in knowing what are saturated fats and what kinds of foods he/she can find them in?

2. What are metabolic supplements and what will they do to your friend? Be specific.

3. Do you believe obesity is inherited or controlled by the person?
7. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE Karolinkska Institute: Links pertaining to Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Disease: Facts, Disease Prevention and Treatment Strategies

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Cardiovascular Disease

American Heart Association

Medline Plus: Heart Diseases

A Hotlist on Cardiovascular DiseaseFitness Baseline Test.doc - Utilization of EKG, Heart Rate, and Co2 Sensors to Measure student Cardiovascualr System


Unit 1 - Health Promotion

Unit 6 - Disease

1. Explain any of the following forms of CV disease: aneurysm, thrombus, embolism, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction, or arteriosclerosis.

2. Explain (not state) to your spouse two controllable and two uncontrollable risk factors associated with CV disease.

3. Explain two of the testing procedures or treatments utilized in CV disease.

The Collaborative on Health and the Environment

March of Dimes

EPA: Birth Defects

HealthLink: Research Explores Environmental Causes of Birth Defects

EPA: Love Canal

Water Treatment LA.doc - Probeware activitiy to clean contaminated water

Greenhouse Effect LA.doc - Using CO2 Sensors to measure air pollutants

Water Treatment LA.doc - Probeware activitiy to clean contaminated water

Greenhouse Effect LA.doc - Using CO2 Sensors to measure air pollutants


Unit 1 - Health Promotion

Unit 4 - Substance Use & Abuse

Unit 7 - Parenting

1. It is your job to give a tour of Love Canal. In your speech include the history of Love Canal, what events cause the problem to occur, what specific health issues and birth defects resulted from these problems, and what the government has done to clean up.
9. CANCER American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

OncoLink: Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania

American Association for Cancer Research

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Medline Plus: Cancer

A Hotlist on CancerHuman Condition: Living with Cancer (PMP)

Human Condition: Diagnosis Cancer (PMP)Life After Cancer (PMP)


Unit 6 - Disease

1. Explain two forms of cancer.

2. Explain what are the warning signs.

3. Explain what occurs in the body.

4. Explain what treatments are available.

5.Explain what prognosis occurs for each type of cancer.
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