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              • Students will - CDOS.E.3a.BS.1.A.SW:
                1. Demonstrate competency in reading through strategies to:
                  1. Improve oral and silent reading comprehension of written language (e.g., main idea and supporting details, sequence of events, author's purpose, audience addressed, etc.)
                  2. Improve phonemic awareness
                  3. Strengthen vocabulary development:
                    1. Recognize and comprehend language used within the various genres
                    2. Recognize contextual clues
                    3. Understand technical vocabulary
                  4. Improve research skills:
                    1. Locate and access resources
                    2. Develop note-taking skills
                2. Demonstrate competency in writing through strategies to:
                  1. Improve process writing
                  2. Effectively communicate thoughts, ideas, and information within the various writing domains
                  3. Focus upon purpose and audience
                  4. Use language conventions accurately
                  5. Self-assess
                3. Demonstrate competency in listening and speaking through strategies to:
                  1. Improve listening behaviors
                  2. Improve critical listening
                  3. Improve oral fluency
                  4. Improve articulation
                  5. Contribute effectively to discussions
                  6. Deliver a message accurately
                  7. Express opinions thoughtfully
                  8. Pose thought-provoking questions
                4. Demonstrate competency in mathematical operations through strategies to:
                  1. Improve basic computational skills
                  2. Collect, sort, and classify data for statistical purposes
                  3. Present data in chart, graph, diagram, or table format
                  4. Solve problems, using accurate data
                  5. Calculate basic statistical data
                  6. Use a calculator accurately
                  7. Understand length, width, volume, capacity, weight, area, temperature, and other units of measurement
                  8. Arrange units of measure in order size
                  9. Estimate on the basis of given information
                  10. Predict outcomes
  • Standard Area - TECH: Learning Standards for Technology
    (see MST standards under Previous Standard Versions)
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