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Lesson Plan

The Mummification Process


English Language Arts (2005), Social Studies, English Language Arts (NYS P-12 Common Core), Social Studies (NYS K-12 Framework Common Core), Literacy in History/Social Studies (NYS 5-12 Common Core)

Grade Levels

Intermediate, 6th Grade


Students will be able to:

  • Sequence illustrations and describe events surrounding the mummification process.
  • Convey the religious practices of the ancient Egyptians.


The following lesson includes information pertaining to the mummification process of the ancient Egyptians. Learners will acquire knowledge about Egyptian religious practices through the use of a SMART Board, interactive websites, and other multimedia components. In addition, the instruction enhances language arts skills through utilization of a sequencing activity.


Approximately two 45-minute periods


SMART Board, Projector, SMART Notebook Presentation, Video Clip: Egyptian Mummies (Attached to SMART Notebook file), Mummy Sequencing Activity Worksheet, Mummy Sequencing Activity Example, Rubric, Sentence Strips


  1. Access the SMART Notebook presentation and exhibit introductory slides 1 and 2.

  2. Direct the students to generate background knowledge by writing everything that they know about mummification in their notebooks.
  3. Encourage individuals to share and write their responses on slide 3 of the presentation.
  4. A video clip, Egyptian Mummies will be presented to the class. A discussion will ensue about how mummification began and the processes of mummification exhibited in the video.
  5. Proceed with the lesson and exhibit slide 4 of the SMART Notebook presentation. Click on the left dancing mummy labeled, The Mummification Process. The object links to a website describing the mummification process in two stages. Present the steps of the embalming process and then exhibit the wrapping process to the class. Direct the students to take notes throughout the presentation to help them remember the numerous steps of mummification.
  6. Return to slide 4 of the SMART Notebook presentation. Click on the right dancing mummy labeled, Play Mummy Maker. The object links to the online game, Mummy Maker. The interactive game requires that a mummy is made by selecting the proper tools and materials to prepare the body for the afterlife. Select several individuals to play the different stages of the game on the SMART Board.
  7. Return to the SMART Notebook presentation and exhibit slide 5, which entails the matching of illustrations with the appropriate description of the mummification process. The instructor will direct individual students to place the pictures in the areas with the proper descriptions.
  8. The students will be assigned a mummification sequencing activity. The class will be required to cut out 8 pictures showing the various steps of the mummification process and paste them in chronological order on a sentence strip. In addition, they will be prompted to write a sentence describing what is occurring in the picture and number each step of the process. The class will be provided with the Mummy Sequencing worksheet, the rubric, and a sentence strip. The instructor will then exhibit an example of the activity. (See Assessment Below)


Click Below:

  • Mummy Sequencing Activity
  • Mummy Sequencing Rubric
  • Mummy Sequencing Example
  • SMART Board

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  • Mummification Notebook Presentation

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