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Lesson Plan

Mixtures and Solutions by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES


Junkyard Analysis worksheets


Day 1-30 minutes
Day 2-10 minutes

Essential Question

How do you distinguish between a mixture and a solution?

Instructional/Environment Modifications

Extra time and access to a word processor can be given. Other modifications may be made to satisfy the needs of the student's IEP.


Day 1-Students go to the computer lab. Activity worksheets are handed out and solutions and mixtures are reviewed orally. Students are told to type in the web site address, http://www.udel.edu/sine/students/mixtures/, and double click on "junkyard analysis." They are told to read the directions and use the program to fill in the table on the worksheet and answer the two questions.

Day 2-Students bring their worksheets to class. On the back of the worksheet, students draw a Venn diagram labeling one-circle mixture and the other circle solution. This is also drawn on the overhead projector. Students are asked how mixtures and solutions are similar. Correct answers are written in the Venn diagram. Students are asked how solutions and mixtures differ. Correct answers are written in the Venn diagram. Students then hand in their worksheets.

Reflections and Feedback

I graded the worksheet by giving one point for each item, one point for what each item contains, and 1 point for identifying each item as a mixture or solution. I graded each question out of ten points.

Students found that this activity was fun and said that it really showed them the difference between a solution and a mixture.

Student Work

The following are samples of completed Junkyard Analysis Worksheets:

  • Sample 1
  • Sample 2
  • Sample 3
  • Related Resource

  • http://www.udel.edu/sine/students/mixtures/
  • Description

    This learning experience shows students how to distinguish between a mixture and a solution using an online junkyard analysis activity, a worksheet, and a Venn diagram used to summarize similarities and differences.

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