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Lesson Plan

Area and Circumference of Circles by ECSDM

Grade Levels

Intermediate, 6th Grade, 7th Grade


This lesson covers the properties of circles. The major focus of the lesson is on the formulas used to compute the area and circumference of circles. The lesson will be presented through an animated Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


Students will be able to use formulas to calculate the area and circumference of a circle.


Two 45-minute class periods


  • Circles: Area & Circumference PowerPoint for Day 1 & Day 2
  • Circles Worksheet
  • SMART Board to project PowerPoint (projector if SMART Board is not available)
  • Day 1 PowerPoint
  • Circles HW Worksheet
  • Circles HW Answer Key
  • Day 2 PowerPoint
  • Procedure

    Day 1 - Students will be learning about the circumference and area of circles.

    Display Day 1 PowerPoint lesson. Follow through each slide.

    • Students first will be introduced to properties of circles.
    • They will then be shown the formulas for area and circumference.
    • At the end of the presentation, there will be some examples for the students to complete.
    Day 2 - Students will be using the area and circumference formulas to find the radius or diameter of the circle given its circumference or area.

    Display Day 2 PowerPoint lesson. Follow through each slide.

    • Students will begin by completing a Do Now which will review yesterday's material.
    • Students will then be introduced to multi-step examples that the teacher can lead them through.
    • Have students try a couple on their own and then go over them as a class.

    Hand out Circles HW worksheet (see above) for homework.


    Student understanding will be assessed using the Circles homework sheet. This worksheet and the answer key is available in the Materials section.

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