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Lesson Plan

How's The Weather? by ECSDM

Course, Subject

Earth Science, Math, Science & Technology

Grade Levels

Commencement, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade


  • Begin lesson by asking students to observe current weather conditions by looking out the window. Then, ask students to move the day of the week and an icon representing the type of weather into the chart on the SMART Board (see lesson below).
  • Click on the internet link and go to Weather.com.
  • Insert the zip code of the city that you live in.
  • Have the students read today’s high temperature and low temperature and any other weather-related information on this web site.
  • Have the students fill this information in on the weather chart.
  • Using their knowledge of current weather conditions, ask students to pick the correct clothing for the day. They can drag pictures into the chart to illustrate appropriate clothing.
  • Have students click and drag the thermometer to reflect the current temperature.
  • Once all the information is recorded, have the student give the weather report for the day.

Target Audience

K-12 students with severely leaning disabilities or non-disabled students in grades K- 5


This instructional content was intended for use with a SMART Board. The .xbk file below can only be opened with SMART Notebook software. To download this free software from the SMART Technologies website, please click here.


This lesson will assist students in recognizing that there are daily weather changes and that they must dress appropriately for the type of weather.


Students will:

  1. Locate a weather map on the internet
  2. Explain or predict the type of weather for the following day
  3. Choose articles of clothing that are appropriate for the given weather
  4. Interpret charts and graphs


    The duration of this lesson depends on the severity of the students' learning disabilities. This lesson can be conducted on a daily basis or weekly basis to reinforce weather patterns. This lesson will take 15-20 minutes to introduce, but can then become a 5-10 minute continuous activity.

    Materials/Web Resources


  5. How's the Weather? lesson
  6. Adaptation

  7. Younger children can observe the weather by looking out the window.
  8. Teacher can assist student with the temperature by reading the weather chart on the weather channel.
  9. Older students or students with higher cognitive abilities can begin to recognize high and low air pressure and predict weather conditions for future days.
  10. A student who is observing the weather for the day can fill in his own weather report sheet and color or draw in the information.
  11. Assessment

  12. Teacher will observe the student picking the correct icons based on the type of weather for that particular day.
  13. Student will be able to locate the high and low temperature for the day on Weather.com.
  14. Student will write the temperature on the SMART Board's weather chart template.
  15. Student will orally present the weather conditions for the day and the types of clothes he will need.
  16. Author

    Myriam Velez, Enlarged City School District of Middletown

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