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Lesson Plan

Factoring Polynomials by ECSDM

Grade Levels

Commencement, 9th Grade


In this lesson, students will review multiplying two binomials together (FOIL) in the "Do-Now". Students will then learn how to factor a quadratic equation in the form of x2 + bx + c, when a is equal to 1.




Through the interactive SMART Notebook lesson, the students will:

  • learn how to factor the quadratic equation a2 + bx + c, when a = 1 into 2 binomials
  • complete the accompanying worksheet for homework
  • Duration

    Two 45-minute class periods

    Materials/Web Resources

    • Computer
    • SMART Board
    • LCD Projector
    • "Factoring Polynomials" worksheet
    • Internet Game - Rags to Riches


    This procedure should be used in conjunction with the SMART Board file available below.

    Day 1 -

    1. Have students complete the DO NOW which consists of practicing the FOIL (first, outer, inner, last) method. This will help them to understand that factoring is foiling backwards.
    2. Go over the DO NOW with the students. Reveal answers by removing rectangles.
    3. Have students copy down notes on factoring polynomials.
    4. Go over a few examples with the students. Use the box on the side to drag over needed numbers and operators. Follow the steps that are listed on the notes page.
    5. Ask students to try a few problems in their notebooks. Have a few volunteers come up and complete the problems on the SMART Board.
    6. Hand out homework worksheet ("Factoring Polynomials" worksheet below.) Have students begin problems in class and finish for homework.

    Day 2 -

    1. Go over homework with students. Have a few volunteers complete the problems on the board or SMART Board.
    2. Go to the Rags to Riches game which can be found at quia.com.
    3. Have students complete each problem on a separate sheet of paper that will be handed in. As a class, vote for the answer.
    4. Continue until game has ended.


    1. Students will be assessed on participation in the SMART Notebook lesson.
    2. Homework assignment will be checked. See attached sheet with answers.

    Support Materials

    The following support materials were used during this lesson:

  • Factoring Polynomials Worksheet
  • Answer Key
  • Lesson In PDF Format
  • SMART Board

    This instructional content was intended for use with a SMART Board. The .xbk file below can only be opened with SMART Notebook software. To download this free software from the SMART Technologies website, please click here.


    Lucrezia Parisi, Enlarged City School District of Middletown

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