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Lesson Plan

"Stone Soup" for Primary Students (SMART Board Lesson) by ECSDM


English Language Arts (NYS P-12 Common Core)

Grade Levels

Elementary, 1st Grade


This unit can be done over a period of at least 4 days, each lesson being approximately 45 minutes in length.

Learning Objective

The students will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast various versions of "Stone Soup".
  • Sequence ingredients from the Ann McGovern version of the story.


In this unit, students will read various versions of the story Stone Soup and compare and contrast them.


Find various versions of Stone Soup (including the versions by Marcia Brown and Ann McGovern) and be sure to have a clone of slide 1 from the SMART lesson for each version you have, before you begin.

Day 1

    1. Prior to reading Stone Soup by Marcia Brown, discuss the following topics with your class:


               a. What is a recipe and how is it used?


               b. Have they ever been hungry and what did they do?


               c. Discuss what a folktale is and what an author means when saying a story is "retold."

  1. Read the Marcia Brown version of Stone Soup.
  2. Use slide 1 from the SMART Board lesson and fill in the information on the slide with the children. (Be sure to save the slide for future reference.)

Day 2

  1. Read the Ann McGovern version of Stone Soup and fill in the information on a clone of slide 1 from the SMART Board lesson. (Be sure to save the slide for future reference.)
  2. Reread with the children slide 1 from the Marcia Brown version.
  3. Bring up slide 2 from the SMART Board lesson (Venn Diagram).
  4. Explain to the children what a Venn diagram is and its purpose. Hand each child a copy to work on while you are explaining what to do.
  5. With the children, label the top of each circle with the author's names.
  6. Prompt the children to help you fill in the ingredients, characters, where it took place, and how it was eaten, from both versions on the Venn diagram properly.

Day 3
*Print a copy of slide 6, "My Stone Soup Recipe" for each student prior to the lesson.

  1. Reread the Ann McGovern version of Stone Soup, having the students read the ingredient list with you every time, on each page.
  2. Bring up slide 4 from the SMART Board lesson. Have the students take turns coming up in pairs to sequence the ingredients.
  3. Have the students use slide 5 to check their answers.
  4. While students are coming up in pairs, have the rest of the class complete their own copy of slide 6 on their own at their seat.

Day 4

  1. Read a 3rd version of Stone Soup.
  2. Using another clone of slide 1, fill in the information from the 3rd version you read.
  3. Using slide 3, create a bar graph of your class's favorite soup.
  4. Begin by creating a list of favorite soups. Using your judgment, choose 5 to have the children vote on.
  5. Have each child come up and fill in a box for their favorite soup.
  6. Once the graph is completed, various math related questions can be asked.
  7. * Which soup did our class like the best?, Which soup did our class like the least?, How many more students liked soup A than soup B?, etc.

*At this point in time, you can continue to read various versions of "Stone Soup" to your class using slide one. These versions can also be compared using the Venn diagram in slide 2.


  • Teacher Observation
  • Student responses to questions during the Stone Soup unit.
  • Student responses to questioning about the class bar graph created.
  • Student created Stone Soup recipe.

Instructional Environment

Print out 1 copy of each slide for each student to use during this unit. Students can use this packet during each lesson.

Students can work individually, in cooperative groups, or in small groups with a teacher or teaching assistant, based on the needs of each student.

Technology Tools and other Materials

  • SMART Board
  • LCD projector
  • SMART Notebook software
  • Laptop
  • Various versions of Stone Soup including the versions told by Marcia Brown and Ann McGovern
  • Pencil and crayons
  • Stone Soup Unit.notebook

Additional Materials

The following is a list of various versions of "Stone Soup" that can be used:

Stone Soup by Marcia Brown
Stone Soup by Ann McGovern
Stone Soup retold by Marilyn Sapienza
Button Soup by Doris Orgel
Stone Soup retold by Heather Forest
Stone Soup by Jon J. Muth
Stone Soup by Tony Ross
Stone Soup Troll Associates, illustrated by Diane Paterson
The Soup Stone retold by Iris VanRynbach

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