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Learning Experience/Unit

Writing Fables by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES


English Language Arts (2005), English Language Arts (NYS P-12 Common Core)

Grade Levels

Intermediate, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade


Students will follow the rubric to guide them through the activity. Students should reflect on their work in comparison to the criteria that was set on the rubric. Teacher will make observations during individual work time. The graphic organizer will be collected and graded using a rubric. All rough drafts will be handed in to check progress. The final writing piece will be collected and graded using a rubric.

Learning Context/ Introduction

This learning experience was developed to help students generalize the use of graphic organizers to other content areas that require writing. Furthermore, it will encourage students to use a graphic organizer as a tool to improve organization and to enhance their writing with the addition of details.


Planning Time: 30 minutes
Implementation Time: 2 weeks of 40-minute class period

Essential Question

How can using a graphic organizer enhance student writing?

Instructional/Environment Modifications

Resource room aide is available to work with students as needed.
Student can substitute clip art for illustrations.
Students can word process rough draft if needed.


In this learning experience, students will be writing an original fable.

The student will access the Fable Web Worksheet. (In order for the Web worksheet to work, you will need a United Streaming account, which is free to your school. Download the listed videos to use during this unit.) The Fable Web Worksheet will guide the students step-by-step through the process of writing an original fable.

The students will start by watching five of Aesop’s fables. The students will then be asked to complete Part I of worksheet one, where they will identify the literary elements of the fables. The students will then read five of Aesop’s fables and complete Part II of the worksheet, continuing to identify the literary elements of the fables.

The students will then use the Kidspiration software program in order to create a graphic organizer. The graphic organizer will guide students through the pre-writing activity of writing an original fable. The students will be required to include the literary elements of a fable into their graphic organizer (e.g. characters, setting, conflict, solution, moral or lesson).

Students will use the six steps in the writing process (these are prewriting, organizing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing) to complete their original fables.

The students will be required to illustrate their fable. The Fable Web Worksheet has linked resources to help support them in drawing their characters.

The students will orally present their completed fables to their peers.

  • Fable Web Worksheet
  • Reflections and Feedback

    Overall, the quality of student work was good. I believe that the use of a graphic organizer aided students in adding details to their original fable.

    Student Work

    Students work will be completed using Kidspiration. Microsoft Word is optional. See attached.

  • Sample 1
  • Sample 2
  • Sample 3
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