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America's Story


English Language Arts (NYS P-12 Common Core)

Grade Levels

Elementary, Intermediate, 4th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade


The Library of Congress


The America's Story site was created by the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., the largest library in the world and the national library of the United States. The site was designed for children, to expose them to the Library of Congress' rich collection of primary source materials. These include letters, diaries, records and tapes, films, sheet music, maps, prints, photographs and digital materials.

The site is made up of five sections. These sections contain stories about people, places, and time periods in America's history.

  • Meet Amazing Americans: Individuals and groups of people who are important to America.
  • Jump Back in Time: Time periods and particular days in America's past.
  • Explore the States: Things that happened in particular US states.
  • Join America at Play: American pastimes and recreational activities.
  • See, Hear and Sing: Movies, voices and music from America's past.


America's Story

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