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Lesson Plan

Bubblegum Rhythms - A SMART Board Lesson by ECSDM


The Arts

Grade Levels

Elementary, 2nd Grade


Students will:

  1. Read and notate rhythms.
  2. Identify instruments by timbre.


  • SMART Board
  • SMART Notebook software. Available as a free download from www.tequipment.com
  • BubbleGum SMART Notebook File
  • Unpitched instruments – 8 different ones
  • Rhythm sticks and hand drums (or two other contrasting sets of instruments); enough for whole class. If you do not have enough for the whole class, arrange students in lines and give the first student in line the instrument. When s/he is finished, s/he will pass the instrument to the next student.
  • Bubblegum rhythms students have brainstormed in a previous lesson. (See attached examples.)

bubblegum  rhythms pics.bmp
  • Bubblegum.notebook
  • Step-by-Step Procedure

    In a prior lesson, have students brainstorm flavors and brands of chewing gum. Work with the students to notate the brands rhythmically.

    Anticipatory Set : Explore some of the interesting facts about gum using the link on the first page of the SMART Notebook file.

    Apply: Have students clap and say the rhythms on page two of the SMART Notebook file. Select students to come up to the SMART Board to match the gum names with the rhythms.

    Teach the traditional jump-rope rhyme, Bubblegum.

    Bubblegum, bubblegum chew and blow.

    Bubblegum, bubblegum scrape your toe.

    Bubblegum, bubblegum taste so sweet.

    Get that bubblegum off your feet!

    • Explore the poem by dividing the class into two groups: one group says “bubblegum,” the other group says the rest of the words. Then have the groups switch.
    • Add body percussion.
    • Bubblegum=clap; Underlined words=pat
    • Add instruments. (E.g. Wood/metal or sticks/hand-drums). One timbre plays “bubblegum” the other timbre of instruments plays the rest of the words.
    • Develop the following form: A – play the rhythm of the words B – speak or play a sequence of four of the gum rhythms, repeated so that it equals the length of the bubblegum rhythm.
    Develop: Play the game Bubblegum Game
    • Place 8 or so unpitched instruments in a row. The students playing these instruments must be able to see the notated rhythms.
    • Student A closes his/her eyes.
    • Student B selects four of the gum rhythms and places them in a row.
    • Student C taps four of the people at the unpitched instruments. Only those people will play the sequence of rhythms.
    • Student A opens his/her eyes and identifies which instruments were played.
    • Assessment

      • Assess the students' ability to perform the rhythms during the game.
      • Assess the students' ability to identify the timbre of the instruments during the game.
    • Bubblegum Rhythms Rubric.doc
    • Description

      Students will practice identifying rhythms using eighth and quarter notes and rests.


      One 45-minute class

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