Last updated: 3/29/2010
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Music - AP Music Theory - H.S. - Matrix 2 - Grades 9-12 - 10 - 40 Weeks

1.  Students will demonstrate an aural understanding of harmonic relationships

Teacher made
materials and
aural examples

1.1 Students will label primary chords in major and minor keys given aural example
1.2 Students will label I-II-IV-V-VI chords in aurally presented chord progressions

1.3 Students will label chords from aurally presented chord progressions including secondary dominants (V/V)

2. Students will demonstrate arranging skills using existing musical compositions

SATB Chorale
teacher made
2.1 Students will label proper transpositions for orchestra instruments
2.2 Students will transpose parts for selected orchestra instruments from a given piano excerpt
2.3 Students will arrange an SATB chorale for a chamber music ensemble
3. Students will demonstrate analytical skills using notated musical works
Textbook, teacher-made materials, Bach Chorales
3.1 Students will correctly label 3 and 4 note chords
3.2 Students will construct 3 and 4 note chords from a given starting pitch

3.3 Students will label diatonic chords in musical examples
3.4 Students will label figured bass chords in musical examples
3.5 Students will label non-harmonic tones in musical examples
3.6 Students will complete a harmonic analysis of a given four-part chorale
4. Students will understand harmonic movement within and between keyalities Teacher-made materials, textbook, piano-vocal printed music 4.1 Students will label chords in given examples using pop music
4.2 Students will label common chords found in at least two different keyalities

4.3 Students will demonstrate common chord modulation from one given key to another given key
4.4 Students will harmonize a given melody by providing accompaniment chords to the melody
5. Students will demonstrate traditional harmonic writing techniques Teacher-made materials, textbook
5.1 Student will write given chords in four-part chorale style
5.2 Student will harmonize a given melody in 4-part style

5.3 Student will compose a chorale to fit a given harmonic chord progression
5.4 Students will label part-writing errors in given notated examples
6. Students will demonstrate an understanding of and respect for music from different historical periods, genres and cultures Recordings reflecting music from a global perspective, teacher-provided materials 6.1 Students will use many different types of music in examples and assigned work
6.2 Students will complete a project focusing on a specific culture, historical period or type of music
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