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Business - BUS 432 - Accounting for Management & Finance - Grs. 10-12 - 40-Week

(1) CDOS.C.3b Students who choose a career major will acquire the career-specific technical knowledge/skills necessary to progress toward gainful employment, career advancement, and success in postsecondary programs.
(1) CDOS.E.1 Students will be knowledgeable about the world of work, explore career options, and relate personal skills, aptitudes, and abilities to future career decisions.
(1) CDOS.E.2 Students will demonstrate how academic knowledge and skills are applied in the workplace and other settings.
(1) CDOS.E.3a Students will demonstrate mastery of the foundation skills and competencies essential for success in the workplace.

Unit 6:  Investing Financial Resources (con't)  
Chapter 19: Bonds and Mutual Funds

Describe the types of corporate bonds.  Identify the reasons corporations sell bonds. Explain why investors buy corporate bonds.  Discuss the reasons governments issue bonds.  Classify the types of government bonds.  Define bond price quotations.  List information resources for selecting bond investments.  Categorize and describe bond ratings.  Explain how to determine a bonds yield.  Define mutual funds.  Explain why investors buy mutual funds.  Identify types of mutual funds.  Categorize the three main groups of mutual funds.  Identify sources of information for selecting mutual funds. 

Chapter 20:  Real Estate and Other Investments

Describe the types of Direct and Indirect real estate investments.  Describe the different types of indirect real estate investments.  Discuss advantages and disadvantages of real estate investments.  Identify the different types of precious metal and gem investments.  Discuss collectibles as a type of investment.  Analyze the disadvantages and risks of investing in precious metals, gems, and collectibles. 

Unit 7:  Protecting Your Finances

Chapter 21:  Planning Your Tax Strategy

Discuss the importance of tax planning.  Identify your taxable income.  Explain deductions and tax credits.  Explain the W-4 form.  Describe the types of Federal income tax forms.  Identify tax strategies.

Ch 22:  Home and Motor Vehicle Insurance

Identify types of risks and risk management methods.  Explain how an insurance program can help manage risks.  Describe the importance of property and liability insurance.  Identify the types of insurance coverages and policies available to homeowners and renters.  Identify important types of motor vehicle insurance coverage.  Explain factors that affect cost of motor vehicle insurance. 

Ch 23:  Health, Disability, and Life Insurance

Explain the importance of health insurance in financial planning.  Analyze costs and benefits of various types of health insurance.  Differentiate between private and government health care plans.  Explain the importance of disability insuarnce in financial planning.  Describe different sources of disability income.  Describe various types of life insurance coverage.  Identify the key provisions in a life insurance policy. 

Ch 24:  Retirement and Estate Planning

Explain the importance of retirement planning.  Identify retirement living costs and housing needs.  Describe the role of Social Security in planning for retirement.  Discuss the benefits offered by employer pension plans.  Explain various personal retirement plans.  Identify various types of wills.  Discuss several types of trusts.  Describe common characteristics of estates.  Identify the types of taxes that affect estates. 

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