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Spanish I - Realidades - 20 week

(1) LOTE.AS.2.1.A.B Students become aware of cultural patterns, learned through the use of American Sign Language, that characterize the Deaf culture.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.A.A Students can comprehend language consisting of simple vocabulary and structures in face-to-face conversation with peers and familiar adults.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.A.B Students can comprehend the main idea of more extended conversations with some unfamiliar vocabulary and structures as well as cognates of English words.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.A.C Students can call upon repetition, rephrasing, and nonverbal cues to derive or convey meaning from a language other than English.
(1) LOTE.ML.1.1.A.D Students use appropriate strategies to initiate and engage in simple conversations with more fluent or native speakers of the same age group, familiar adults, and providers of common public services.
(1) LOTE.ML.2.1.A.A Students can use some key cultural traits of the societies in which the target language is spoken.

Realidades - Book A

Tema 1B

Como eres tu?

Como es el/ella?



Tema 2A

Que estudias?

Que clase te gusta mas?

A que hora estudias ______?

Que haces durante el dia?

Qiuen hace ______?



Tema 2B

Como es la clase ?

Donde esta?


Realidades - Book A

Tema 1B

Talk about personality traits

ASk and tell what people are like

Use adjectives to describe people

Understand cultural perspective on friendship



Tema 2A

Talk aobut school schedules and subjects

Discuss waht students do during day

ASk and tell who is doing the action

Compare your school to that of a student in a

Spanish speaking country


Tema 2B

Describe a classroom

Indicate where things are located

Talk about more than 1 object or person

Understand cultural perspective on school

Realidades - Book A

Tema 1B

p. 54-82


Tema 2A

p. 84-84-114




Tema 2B


Realidades - Book A

Tema 1B

TRB 76-89

LW 39-52

CW 18-28


Tema 2A

TRB 110-125

LW 53-68

CW 29-38


Tema 2B

TRB 144-157

LW 69-82

CW 39-48

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