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Studio in Art - Elements of Art and Principles of Design

(1) ARTS.VA.C.2.1.GE.A (GE) Students select and use mediums and processes that communicate intended meaning in their art works, and exhibit competence in at least two mediums.
(1) ARTS.VA.C.2.1.GE.D (GE) Students understand a broad range of vocations/avocations in the field of visual arts, including those involved with creating, performing, exhibiting, and promoting art.
(1) ARTS.VA.C.3.1.GE.A (GE) Students use the language of art criticism by reading and discussing critical reviews in newspapers and journals and by writing their own critical responses to works of art (either their own or those of others).
(1) ARTS.VA.C.3.1.GE.B (GE) Students explain the visual and other sensory qualities in art and nature and their relation to the social environment.
(1) ARTS.VA.C.3.1.GE.C (GE) Students analyze and interpret the ways in which political, cultural, social, religious, and psychological concepts and themes have been explored in visual art.
(1) ARTS.VA.C.3.1.GE.D (GE) Students develop connections between the ways ideas, themes, and concepts are expressed through the visual arts and other disciplines in everyday life.
Students will reflect on, interpret, and evaluate works of art, using the language of art criticism.

Students will compare the ways in which a variety of ideas, themes, and concepts are expressed through the visual arts with the ways they are expressed in other disciplines.

Students will know and master the use of visual arts materials, techniques, and processes.

Students will know about resources and opportunities for participation in visual arts and use appropriate materials

Students will investigate the vocational options available in the visual arts.
Explore in depth the Elements of Art: line, shape, value, color, form, and texture and The Principles of Design: balance, movement, emphasis, unity, rhythm, variety and harmony through teacher lead class discussions/critiques.

The Elements of Art and The Principles of Design will be explored through the creation of student artwork.  Students will work more independently to achieve a higher level of quality and craftsmanship.
Standard 1
Performance Indicators 1b, 1c

Standard 1
Performance Indicators 1e, 2e

Standard 3
Performance Indicators 5a, 5b, 5f, 5l

Standard 5
Performance Indicators 1d

Social Studies
Standard 2
Performance Indicators 1a

Standard 3
Performance Indicators 2c
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